Water & Mold Remediation Services

You can't predict when disasters happen.  Pipes burst when the weather gets cold.  Dishwasher and fridge lines leak.  When these things occur, gallons of water can run across your floors and ceilings, damaging structure and content.  Vacation homes can become severely affected by mold growth before water damages are discovered.  ServiceMaster by Burch is here to help you.

Fire / Smoke Remediation

Fire's and Furnace Malfunctions can cause soot or smoke to blow throughout your home.  This oily soot can be difficult to remove.  ServiceMaster by Burch has the right chemicals and supplies to clean your home and leave it sparkling and fresh.

Carpets & Upholstery Cleaning

Every day living takes its tole on your carpets and upholstery.  Let our technicians help bring them back to life.  Our office uses truckmounted systems with heavy extraction capabilities.  We'll bring back the color and feel of your carpet.